Thanks Kat.

I can keep her but I'd rather not because my house is full of foster failures 
as it is!  I love them all but I wish I could have found homes for more of 
them.  If for some reason I can't find her a home then she can always stay with 
me.  Don't worry, I won't be putting her down.

I'll definitely think about your offer though.  I might need a nice drive to KY 
or OH to get away from my mad house for a few days  ;-)     Really though, I 
will think about it.  I have a couple of friends with family up that way so I 
might find out when they're heading up.  I'll let you know.  You would totally 
love her.  She is so sweet.  She really loves attention and follows me around.  
Kind of a laid back little girl.  She likes to play of course like all kittens 
but she's also happy just hanging out.

I'm hoping her IFA will be negative which would mean she still has a chance of 
extinguishing the virus.  I wouldn't expect a kitten to be able to fight off 
the virus but you just never know.  I'm going to wait a couple weeks before 
doing that test but will definitely think about your offer and see if there's a 
way to work out the transporting.

“I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are 
profitable to the human race or doesn’t….the pain which it inflicts upon 
unconsenting animals is the basis of my enmity toward it, and it is to me 
sufficient justification of the enmity without looking further.” – Mark Twain

> Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2011 23:28:59 -0500
> From:
> To:
> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Vaccination question
> Maureen
> I have 3 grown dogs, 1 puppy and 9 cats.  Of the cats, 1 is about 11 -
> 12 years old and in the final stages of FeLV having tested positive
> years ago.  One of the others had her eyes removed at 4 weeks because
> of severe infections but is now 6 months old and the ruler of the
> house.  Because I had one other FeLV+ cat besides the one I have now,
> I have kept up yearly vaccinations on all my others.
> That said, I live in S Ohio and if nobody can take your kitty I would
> be willing to try if someone can assist with transporting her.  I
> can't dirve the entire way but could meet someone in KY maybe if you
> can't find her a home?
> She would be totally indoors, spoiled and probably end up wrestling
> with the puppy and blind Koko Kitty just as the others do so she most
> definitely would not lack for play opportunities.
> Has she been spayed?
> If nobody nearer to you can adopt her and you don't feel you can keep
> her let me know if you are interested in trying to work something out
> with me.
> I had a Siamese years ago and miss her still.  Would love to have another.
> Thanks
> kat
> On 11/17/11, Marcia Baronda <> wrote:
> > Big markup on vaccines, but they have to make a living too! I don't know of
> > any vets out here that are rolling in cash, quite a few of them are
> > concerned about being fair to farmers, etc. But, back to the rabies vaccine,
> > a lot of cities dictate how often a rabies vaccine has to be given, which to
> > me, is ridiculous. Where I'm from, a three year vaccine is only recognized
> > for 2 years. And i'm sure that all of you know, the average Joe thinks that
> > is A OK!   Same with panleukopenia vaccine. It lasts forever.
> >
> > Sent from my iPad that my most awesome kids surprised me with, Christmas
> > 2010.
> >
> > On Nov 17, 2011, at 5:28 PM, Maureen Olvey <> wrote:
> >
> >> I kind of have to vaccinate.  I brought in a FeLV positive kitten and
> >> since I doubt I will be able to adopt her out I need to vaccinate my
> >> others because I'm not planning on keeping them separated forever.  Maybe
> >> I should but I don't have the set up for that.  I hate over - vaccinating
> >> too but I think I have to in this case.  Unless there's someone like Beth
> >> that lives in the Atlanta area that wants to take her and try to adopt her
> >> out  ;-)    She is a beautiful 12 week old blue point siamese kitten.
> >> Appears healthy as a horse.  I had the ELISA done twice (once sent to the
> >> lab) so I know she's positive.  I hope she can extinguish the virus but
> >> since she's a kitten I'm a little worried.  I"m going to follow up with an
> >> IFA to see if the virus has progressed into her white blood cells so that
> >> will tell me if she has a chance of extinguishing the virus.  Back to the
> >> point, anyone wants a 12 week old blue point siamese kitten let me know.
> >>
> >> Not to scare you but as a side note - testing doesn't always prevent you
> >> from bringing in a positive kitty.  I tested all  my cats and kittens and
> >> they always came up negative yet I had one die from FeLV when she was two
> >> years old.  No other kitties in my house got it from her, even my FIV
> >> kitty.  The vet had some thoughts of how that happened but anyway if you
> >> test a kitten and she shows up negative it may be that the virus hasn't
> >> had time to show on the snap test.  Not a comforting thought I know.
> >>
> >> Still, I wouldn't vaccinate my cats if I hadn't brought in this FeLV
> >> kitten in because like most everyone I hate over-vaccinating.  I just knew
> >> her first snap test was a false positive so I wanted to give her a shot.
> >> But now that she's been here two weeks and is even more healthy I just
> >> can't put her down.  I'm going to try to adopt her out even though I doubt
> >> I'll be successful.  But in the meantime she needs to get out of that one
> >> room and play.
> >>
> >> Another interesting fact - a couple years ago I read there was a study
> >> done on the rabies vaccine and they found that kittens vaccinated at 12 or
> >> 16 weeks old still had immunity 4 years later.  And that was just the
> >> normal one year rabies vaccine.  Crazy huh?  I think the American
> >> Association of Veterinarians something or another sets the vaccination
> >> protocols but they're all vets so of course they're going to recommend
> >> vaccinating as much as possible.
> >>

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