I was contacted by someone whose friend has been feeding a stray cat that's 
living in a seasonal mobile home park on Chincoteague Island. The park closes 
at the end of November and the person who has been feeding it is going to live 
with relatives, where the cat is not welcome. 

The woman who contacted me is desperate to find a place for the cat by the end 
of November and she's willing to cover all vetting costs herself. 
Transportation is also available most anywhere.

The cat is called Storm because he showed up after Hurricane Irene. He's a 
long-haired black and white neutered male. 

If you know of anyone who can help, please contact me and I'll put you in touch 
with the woman who's trying so hard to save this poor baby. He's had a lot of 
tough breaks in his life. He deserves another chance.

Thank you.
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