Can't/won't she mix them?  I have mixed neg/pos for years with no
problem as long as the negatives are up to date on the dreaded FeLV


On 11/19/11, Cindy McHugh <> wrote:
> The woman trying to help the cat on Chincoteague Island sent me some
> additional information, so I thought I'd share it here.
> He only has 11 days to find a home, foster, or rescue. Please feel free to
> crosspost.
> Thanks,
> Cindy
> Here's the info she sent:
> There is a resident population of feral cats at Tom's Cove Campground.  Some
> of the people living there put food out.  Occasionally a cat is trapped and
> taken to
> an area vet.  Storm showed up after Hurricane Irene.  He was trapped and
> taken to the vet to get shaved down because he was badly matted and infested
> with fleas.  At the vet's it was discovered he was already neutered.  His
> ears were not notched and he has no microchip.
> Storm has not shown any aggression at all.  He is fed separately, but the
> other cats don't bother him.  He is not feral.  I was asked if I would take
> him home with me when I visited in October.  I took him to the local vet to
> be tested and that is when it was discovered that he is FeLV+.  I have a 3yo
> female cat who is FeLV-.  There is no way I could keep him separated from my
> cat.
> While the rest of the colony will survive the winter, it is doubtful if
> Storm would make it through the winter outside and without a regular source
> of food.  The campground where he is now closes at the end of November.  I
> honestly think he would make a wonderful pet.

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