My parent's house burned due to faulty electrical "something".  My mother
remembers that the same evening, a few cats were sitting at the top of the
stairs to the basement, and kept staring at something.  She believed that
they must have been watching some kind of a short already...


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Having actually been burned out of one house I now give wings to my

At night before going to bed and in the morning before leaving for work I
walk through the house turning things off and unplugging what I can.

We have LOTS of smoke detectors, including one in the garage.  And I want
more.  Need to replace my fire extinguishers too.

We remove the knobs from the stove and only put them on when we are cooking.
I actually saw one of the cats once step on a knob to get to the stove top
and turn the stove on.  That was the day the knobs came off.

If I'm cooking, I'm in the kitchen.  I don't leave the room with the stove

No extension cords.

If a lamp malfunctions I throw itr away.

It doesn't matter if it makes sense.  I'm OK with being irrational about
fire.  Already had one house fire and that was enough.

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So far, nothing that tragic has gone wrong in my own life, but I have had to
move from my nice, safe brick house in the city to a mobile home which, as
far as I can tell, is made out of cardboard and plastic.  These horrid death
traps are usually gone with the wind if the wind is above 50 miles per hour
and burn up in a nanosecond.  To counter this nightmare, I have built a cat
enclosure separate from the house.  More than half of my rescued cats reside
in the enclosure which has a large shed attached.  I had to move because the
City of San Antonio gave me a choice of move or have my "excess" cats taken
from me and killed at the animal "shelter".  I moved to the next county
where there are no cat limit laws but  anything affordable is made of paper.
I check stoves and electric appliances a few dozen times a day, and rarely
cook in the house.  I also unplug most things that use electricity.  This
isn't doing my tendency to have obsessive-compulsive disorder any good at
all.  Sigh.  Well, it's better than an apartment in one of the fire traps
that have been built with wood shingle roofing.  Horrors!  I wouldn't have a
polyester stuffed toy in one of those places.


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Been there too.  I get this sinking feeling and speed up so I can get home
to my babies.  God what would I do if I pulled up behind fire engines.  I
know one thing for sure, I would be in the house befoe they could stop me.
The only thing they could do is follow and help me get them out.

---- GRAS <> wrote: 
> Anytime I'm out, and am driving home and hear a fire engine going up our
> road, I have this horrible thought that it's our house...but, since both
> husband's family and my family had a house fore, what are the chances for
> another one?????
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> I had not thought about what if I were not home.  That is enough to make
> never leave home again!
> ---- Peggy Verdonck-Riley <> wrote: 
> > My biggest fear with 9 cats! Luckely we have an enclosed cat 
> > playground outside. We can just push them out the cat door in the 
> > window and lock it behind them.
> > I just hope something like that never happens when we aren't home!
> > 
> > On Dec 2, 2011 4:34 PM, "Lorrie" <> wrote:
> > 
> > > What a terrible story!
> > >
> > > This is a lesson I learned from a friend of mine.  Her house was on 
> > > fire and she grabbed her cat and took him outside but he ran back 
> > > inside and died in the fire.  God forbid any of you ever have to 
> > > rescue your cats from a burning house, but cats will always run back 
> > > inside because this is the place they feel safe.  Always put your 
> > > cats in carriers or in your car outside your home.  With 13 cats 
> > > this would have been terribly difficult for your parents, but if 
> > > there are only one or two cats this can be done.
> > >
> > > Lorrie
> > >
> > > On 12-02, GRAS wrote:
> > > > In 1964, my parents' house in Chicago had a fire on a night of a 
> > > > huge snowstorm, 3'!  The fire department had a hard time getting 
> > > > there because side street were not plowed, especially not at 3 AM. 
> > > > They had 13 cats,
> > > and I
> > > > had "just" moved back with my two cats because I couldn't afford 
> > > > my apartment closer to school. All the cats died in the fire, 
> > > > although my father was running around, grabbing them and putting 
> > > > them on an enclosed porch, they all ran back as he opened the 
> > > > door.....When the house was rebuilt, a cat was found in the 
> > > > basement ceiling/rafters, completely soft and pliable (not stiff!) 
> > > > - poor cats most probably died from smoke inhalation because they
> such tiny lungs.
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