Would anyone with a cat or dog that has had cancer removed be interested in
a black salve that would get to the rest of the tentacles that the vet may
not have been able to remove? It's not expensive, but you would have to join
a group where you would get advice from people who have used it and lots of
moral support, too.  It is for people and animals.there's also an herbal
tonic for cancer, you get the herbs, brew up the tonic, etc. REALLY WORKS!
In cases after surgery, the salve would be able to reach the interior
through the incisions.



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Cindy -


So sorry to hear about Smokey.  I have a friend who had this with her dog.
She had the 1st tumor removed, but it kept spreading. She just kept him
going as long as he was still happy & not suffering.

Give him lots of love. He has done remarkable living this long with this
awful virus.



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It has been a very long time since I have posted anything.  I first found
this site when my Smokey tested positive for feline leukemia.  He had a hard
time at the beginning with fevers but we finally got that under control.  He
has gone over 6 years with no problems or sickness.  The other day I felt a
very large knot on his left front leg.  I took him to the vet to get it
checked out.  He thought it was probably cancer.  He removed it today but he
couldn't get all of it.  He described it as having tenticles going in all
different directions.  He is sending it off to be sure it is cancer and what
type.  I have never dealt with this before and Smokey's outlook seems pretty
grave.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.



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