Cindy, I will send you the invitation to join – I am in México right now, and 
was having problems with internet connection…will try anyway, OK?  All I need 
is your name and address, and have both.  Hope it works from here….

When you become a member, please describe and send your cat’s diagnosis, and 
everyone will jump right in and help you with suggestions, help, and lots of 
moral support, etc.  I will also send you Pat’s address (keep it handy for the 
future) and how to order the salve and herbs for the tonic.  If the growth is 
outside, easily accessible, it will work…or the vet may have to make a tiny 
incision or needle hole so that the salve can seep into the tumor.

Natalie =^..^=


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I got the results back on Smokey today.  He has fibrosarcoma.  Has anyone had 
much experience with this type of cancer?  Also, I spoke to the vet about the 
black salve and he said I could try it if I wanted to.  I think Natalie was the 
one that posted about it.  I need to find out what I need to do to join the 
group she spoke about and get some of the black salve.



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You ask me to invite you to join the 2053 Googlegroup…..Once you are a member, 
you can look through the archives, see success stories where salve was used on 
people and animals, get all the info on how to get salve and where to order the 
herbs to make the tonic (or buy small amount from list owner). It really is 
miraculous – one man’s arm was saved from amputation, a horse’s eye with cancer 
saved, many bunny and rat owners are members because those poor little critters 
get cancers….

You can actually look salve and tonic online, but they are NOT the same and are 
much more expensive….

If you would use the salve as soon as possible, so it can still seep in through 
the incision, it would be ideal.  It will come back if it had tentacles and it 
was most likely squamous cell….

I would look for someone who may have a colony of cats that are cared for by 
someone….the kittens would become tame, though, if given a chance!  



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