Thanks, Terrie.  I joined the list in 1999, when I lost my first FeLV+ cat, 
Samantha.  So yes -- it's been a long time.  I've been lurking since Salome' 
passed since she was my last FeLV+.

It IS heartbreaking.  I love him so much.....I will miss him terribly.

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  I know I don't post very often as I do read the postings but had to respond 
to yours.
  I'm so sorry for your loss of Siggie!
  How heart breaking to lose Siggie so fast!
  I'm so glad you were with him in the time of need. Bless your heart!
  Sending hugs to you!
  It's never easy to lose our furbabies especially so suddenly.
  I remember Siggie and your time on this group. As we have been on here a very 
long time. Not sure on how many years as I've been here since 2002.
  He will be greeted by all those that have gone before him at the Rainbow 
  I know my late husband will be waiting for the newest angel.
  R.I.P. Siggie!

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