So sorry for your loss of Siggie.  Orange tabbies are very dear to my heart! 
RIP, Siggie.

Hugs to you Terri~
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  Hello everyone,

  Some of you have known me for a while -- others not.

  Just writing to let you all know my healthy, non-FeLV cat Siggie has left me 
for the Rainbow Bridge.  He was the last of my original group who did NOT have 
FeLV.  He was my FeLV+ Salome's companion up until she passed in 2005 (right 
after I adopted Travis from Res-Q-Pets).

  He was fine all day yesterday.  Then suddenly, he couldn't walk or breathe.  
He was wheezing terribly, and was dragging his hind quarters behind him, 
soiling himself.  I rushed him to the local vet, who told me that he had fluid 
all in and around his lungs, was at end stage cardiac failure and had threw a 
clot, which is what paralyzed him.

  The kindest thing I could do for him was to let them put him down -- but he 
ended up not needing the help.  They gave him a sedative, and before they 
injected the final shot of the pink stuff, he was gone.

  Rest in peace and sleep well, my big orange boy.  Meowmy and Daddy will miss 
you forever.

        May 2000 - Feb 15, 2012 
  =^..^= Terri, Guinevere, Travis, Dori, Kimiko and 8 furangels: 
              Ruthie, Samantha, Arielle, Gareth, Alec, Salome, Sammi and Siggie 
the Tomato Vampire =^..^=
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