The people I'm talking about did spay/neuter & had vet references. They had 
good intentions, but the hoarding mentality took over & got out of hand.

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Sadly, there may be some, but I have yet to come across a “rescuer/hoarder” in 
the 20 years of being involved in cat rescuein Southern CT.  There are probably 
some hoarder types; a typical symptom would be someone who doesn’t spay/neuter 
nor provides veterinary care….therefore, they may not be the “typical” hoarders 
as we know them. The CT woman was definitely not one!  She was extremely 
well-respected, a caring and capable woman whose life and the lives of the cats 
in her care have been ruined forever, thanks to overzealous officials and a 
disgruntled person! The state didn’t even allow her home-visit vet to vouch for 
the health and treatment that he prescribed for cats in her care to testify on 
her behalf! I can tell you that there’s a hidden agenda in CT to put all small 
cat rescues out of business to allow stray, feral, abandoned cats to be rounded 
up and killed!  
BTW, we are NO-KILL, no cages; in addition to cats in home surroundings, we 
also have several cat condos and enclosed outdoor runs in warmer months.
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I don't know the full story of the woman in CT, so I can't comment on that, but 
I've seen people who are heads of rescue organizations who are hoarders. Just 
because someone has a title does not mean they are OK.
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