It appears I was certainly wrong to assume Craig Grant just couldn't
turn down a homeless cat. It was money for his own enjoyment that he
couldn't turn down!  This is really shocking.


On 03-02, C PQ wrote:
>    FYI:  Here's another perspective on the situation:
>    From:  "X" [name removed]
>    Sent: Tuesday,    February 28,  2012 3:51 PM
>    Subject: Craig  Grant, Director of Caboodle Ranch
>    The below info is    found  at this
>    link:
>    Yesterday,  when  I heard of the investigation and rescue intervention
>    at  Caboodle  Ranch,  my  first thought  was that Craig Grant was just
>    another  compassionate  fool  who  got  in  over  his  head because he
>    couldn't  turn  away a cat with nowhere to go.  The below  information
>    has  changed  my  perception  of him.  No decent individual would  let
>    animals  in his custody go without needed medical care, food and clean
>    living  conditions while making frivolous expenditures on himself from
>    501.3c funds that  should have been spent on the cats.
>                               Financial  Fraud
>    For an overview of embezzlement and  financial fraud click here here.
>    Records  obtained  through   the  court  indicate that operator, Craig
>    Grant,  is  embezzling  corporate funds  (donations) for personal use.
>    There  are  numerous  transactions  on  their  501(c)   not-for-profit
>    account  for     transactions such as: airline flights, trip to Vegas,
>    tickets  to  Daytona  500,  hotels,  online  clothing  orders,  online
>    magazine orders,  gifts, etc.  The list goes on and on. Craig admitted
>    in  court  records  that  he does not routinely record cash donations.
>    It's been reported that Craig has used cash to take people out to eat.
>    In  interviews  Craig Grant has stated he  gets a $1000/month personal
>    salary. Therefore, any personal expenses should be paid for out of HIS
>    salary.   It is unlawful for any transactions for personal use to come
>    out  of  a not-for-profit corporate account. All donations/income MUST
>    be used for the care of cats.
>    The IRS and    Attorney General have been  notified.

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