I had a cat that wasted away, he was FIV+..we did everything to keep him 
confortable and on his last days when he was alert I'd bundle him up(tho it was 
Aug, he was literally skin and bones) and take him outside to scracht his fav 
tree, he did all entus but got tired quickly and he'd take a long nap. I also 
took him to the window to watch the birds outside, had to hold him b/c he 
couldn't walk well and held him near a dripping faucet b/c he loved it..he was 
indoors only but when he was well he went out in a patio enclosure and scracht 
everything in sight, including a tree branch that went in the enclosure.
He ate well too. I fed him kitten food both canned and dry, that he ate by 
himself and syringe fed Nutrical, sugar water, rubbed Karo on his gums, 
anything that would give him energy.
When he became unresponsive we thought it was time and he died just before he 
was injected, he had had a seizure on the ride to the vet and another while we 
waited. I don't think he suffered & thats why I let him live a bit longer but 
like I said once it was apparent he'd lost all quality of life we decided to 
help him along.
It was very hard on us though seeing him deteriorate, if it was up to me I'd 
have put him down earlier but my husband won't put down a pet unless it is 
suffering. I won't either but sometimes I see no point on keeping them tho I'm 
glad for the time with had with this kitty.


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I am so sorry for your loss of Orlando. I do rescue work and I have
several FelV cats, and one of my favorites is a long haired black
male who tested positive several months ago.  He is not just wasting
away.  He is not anemic, has no tumors, but is just getting thinner
and thinner. Since he shows no symptoms there is nothing the vet can
do to buy him a bit more time, and I know he won't be with me for
long. He doesn't appear to be in any pain, he is just weak, thin and
he no longer grooms himself, but he is still eating.  I've lost many
FelV cats, but most had either tumors or became anemic and crashed. 
Have any of you had FelV cats who just wasted away, and do you think
I should just let him die at home where he feels comfortable and
safe?  I hate to have him euthanized at this point as it is so
frightening for cats to go to the vet.  I would appreciate your


On 05-21, Frank & Sue
Koren wrote:
>    It  has  been  one  week since I took Orlando to the vets for the last
>    time.  His tumor had gotten large enough to be causing him pain and he
>    had  stopped  eating.  He  was  such a wonderful cat, my loving flame
>    point  Siamese boy.  The first time I met him in the rescues FeLV room
>    he  reached  up  and  gave me a hug.  From then on he was my boy and I
>    can't  believe  he  is  gone  and  I  will never see him again in this
>    world.  He  was  about  10 when I adopted him and that was four years
>    ago.  He  would  come up and bite me in the butt for attention when I
>    was  working  on  the  computer.  If  I  got up at night to go to the
>    bathroom  he would accompany me.  Always.  I guess that was how I knew
>    it  was  time.  On  the  last night he didn't do that.  He will be SO
>    missed.  I hate hate hate this disease.

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