Excellent suggestion.  Thank you.

On 05-22, Lee Evans wrote:
>    Did  you test to see if he has an overactive thyroid?  This can happen
>    even  to  younger cats.  It may or may not be related to FeLv.  Please
>    have  a thyroid profile done before deciding on his fate.  Thyroid can
>    be treated with medication.  There's even an ear ointment that absorbs
>    through  the  skin of the cat's ear if the cat absolutely won't take a
>    pill.   And yes, they do eat but get thinner and thinner.  If your vet
>    didn't do a thyroid profile, ask him to do that.
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>    I do rescue work and I have several FelV cats, and one of my
>    favorites is a long haired black male who tested positive
>    several months ago.  He is just wasting away.  He is not anemic,
>    has no tumors, but is just getting thinner and thinner. Since he
>    shows no symptoms there is nothing the vet can do to buy him a
>    bit more time, and I know he won't be with me for long. He
>    doesn't appear to be in any pain, he is just weak, thin and he
>    no longer grooms himself, but he is still eating.  I've lost
>    many FelV cats, but most had either tumors or became anemic and
>    crashed. Have any of you had FelV cats who just wasted away, and
>    do you think I should just let him die at home where he feels
>    comfortable and safe?  I hate to have him euthanized at this
>    point as it is so frightening for cats to go to the vet.  I
>    would appreciate your thoughts.

>    Lorrie

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