It is a rotten, terrible, filthy disease and unfortunately only one of
several that take our fur-babies.  God loves them all and takes care
of them.  We mortals just have to take care of them for him for a
while til he tells them they have given us enough love and it is time
to go.

Thanks for loving Orlando.


On 5/21/12, Sharyl <> wrote:
> Orlando had 4 wondeful years with you.  I truly understand the pain you feel
> now but don't forget those good years.  He will always be in your heaart
> Sharyl
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>  From: Frank & Sue Koren <>
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> Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 7:47 PM
> Subject: [Felvtalk] Picked up Orlandos ashes today
> It has been one week since I took Orlando to the vets for the last time.
> His tumor had gotten large enough to be causing him pain and he had stopped
> eating.  He was such a wonderful cat, my loving flame point Siamese
> boy.  The first time I met him in the rescues FeLV room he reached up and
> gave me a hug.  From then on he was my boy and I can't believe he is gone
> and I will never see him again in this world.  He was about 10 when I
> adopted him and that was four years ago.  He would come up and bite me in
> the butt for attention when I was working on the computer.  If I got up at
> night to go to the bathroom he would accompany me.  Always.  I guess
> that was how I knew it was time.  On the last night he didn't do
> that.  He will be SO missed.  I hate hate hate this disease.
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