I am so sorry about Orlando!

Lorrie - Is he getting any medical support for his condition?  When I had
FeLV+ cats, and still have 6 FIV+ cats, I gave/give them CoQ10 (50mg) daily,
and Nutramin* (higher than suggested dosage for sick cats), building up the
amount given....when I see that there's not much more to be done and you
know that the cat is either in pain or has a just absolutely horrible
quality of life, I opt for euthanasia as a last resort, only after having
done everything that I could.

* I mix Nutramin into the food for all the rescue cats; one of the many
sources they actually gives a nice discount to rescue groups (if you ask for
it and tell them of your non-profit status). 

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I am so sorry for your loss of Orlando. I do rescue work and I have several
FelV cats, and one of my favorites is a long haired black male who tested
positive several months ago.  He is not just wasting away.  He is not
anemic, has no tumors, but is just getting thinner and thinner. Since he
shows no symptoms there is nothing the vet can do to buy him a bit more
time, and I know he won't be with me for long. He doesn't appear to be in
any pain, he is just weak, thin and he no longer grooms himself, but he is
still eating.  I've lost many FelV cats, but most had either tumors or
became anemic and crashed. 
Have any of you had FelV cats who just wasted away, and do you think I
should just let him die at home where he feels comfortable and safe?  I hate
to have him euthanized at this point as it is so frightening for cats to go
to the vet.  I would appreciate your thoughts.


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