My Homey has had several bouts of crystals.  She liked the Hill's SD canned 
food, but not the dry.  I had taken my guys off Hills because they ahve corn, 
wheat and soy and they are allergic to those ingredients.  I now feed Blue 
buffalo dry DUCK.  We love that and also the duck canned food.  We hate chicken 
and fish which is okay because the vet said fish can be part of the problem.  I 
have tried to get them off the dry, but not too much luck.  Right now, Homey is 
okay.  I got water fountains and everyone loves them.  It recirculates the 
water thre a filter.  The plastic ones are okay, but need to be cleaned out 
more often.  I got one on line that is stainless steel.  Much better, lower 
profile so I can open cabinet doors without hitting it and it does not need to 
be cleaned as often.  With the fountains, the water is always moving, makes 
noise and they do drink more water.  You might try them.  

---- Emma Beauchamp <> wrote: 
> Hello All,

My cat Gertrude Penelope Pennyapple is a one year old baby and she has had FELV 
probably since she was born. She has always been very healthy despite the FELV 
and a chronic upper respiratory infection, but recently (Sunday night) she 
contracted a UTI.  She had a urinalysis at the vet and 130 dollars later she 
was diagnosed with an UTI, and Struvite Crystals were present in her bladder.  
I was given an Antibiotic called Orbax and given Hill's Science Prescription 
diet S/D.  I bought a bag of Dry Food and a couple of cans of wet.  

My picky/anorexic cat hates both of them! She ate 1/3 of a can of the wet food 
yesterday, but hasn't touched it today, and she just kind of giggled at the dry 
food and turned away.  

After reading a few articles online, I'm kind of mad they sold me the dry food 
in the first place, since a big part of the struvite crystals is water intake!

I was wondering if anybody has dealt with this issue before, and if so what 
kind of food/diet did you switch to? 

Before the prescription food I was feeding Gertie Whiskas brand meaty 
selections dry food, and occasionally their wet food as well.  I used to feed 
her exclusively Blue Buffalo Wet Food, but this summer funds were tight so I 
switched to the Whiskas, and she seemed to like it more anyway! 

So any suggestions/experiences would be welcome and helpful!! 

Emma Beauchamp

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