Absolutely Edna..... It is positively cruel to keep people alive
when they are suffering and there is no recovery in sight. The
only states that allow doctor assisted suicide are Oregon, Wash.
and Montana. It can't happen in my state of WV.  Dr. Kevorkian was 
my hero. I'll be 80 my next birthday and it terrifies me to think 
of not being able to end my life when I'm ready. I've signed a 
Living Will requesting NO heroic measures, if I'm terminal, but 
sometimes they keep you alive anyway.


alive-25, Edna Taylor wrote:
>    personally, I think we should do this for people too, end their
>    suffering.  What quality of life does someone have who simply lays in
>    bed in a vegetative state?  Who are we keeping that person alive for?
>    to what end?  If it were me, and I had some life ending disease or
>    accident, I would want my husband to use what money we had, go out and
>    get as much booze and coke as he could get and let me go out with a
>    bang ;)  But then again, that is just my opinion ;)

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