My father who passed away this past December (may he rest in peace), passed 
away at home, with morphine drops and water if he wanted it.  In his case, it 
was heart failure, and he didn't want to die in the hospital.

He literally said to my sister (pardon the language) "I am sick of this fucking 
hospital.  Take me home.  I want to die on my couch."

So that's what he did.

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  I guess your mom requested no tubes, and this is why she only
  got morphine. I'm sure glad she had that.  Hospice is usually
  very generous with it, whereas hospitals aren't.  Never go to
  a hospital to die. They do everything they can to keep you alive
  and they never give patients enough pain medication.  I've worked
  in hospitals and heard patients crying and moaning with no relief,
  because doctors are afraid patients might get addicted. 
  This ridiculous when the person is gonna die anyway!!  

  On 09-26, Marcia Baronda wrote:
  > My mom had morphine...hospice wouldn't allow fluids.

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