> On 09-25, Marcia wrote:

> My 3 other siblings and I took care of my Mom for 3 weeks while she died
> at home. Her request(: hospice said no fluid, so she laid there with
> nothing all that time, struggling to breath, to swallow. Etc. I only cried
> one time during that 3 weeks, because I had a job to do that required
> quite a bit of mental strength and clarity. The day I broke down was when
> Timothy McVay was euthanized. I cried because my mother was suffering and
> that son of a bitch died effortlessly. People should have that choice and
> in some countries they do. But not here in the land of the free.
That must have been a terrible expeience for you Marcia.  Wasn't she given
fluids by mouth and morphine?  

As for McVay - He should have been tortured to death!  Criminals also
get free surgery and all the other things we don't get.

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