I am so sorry to hear about the poor cat that was shot with an arrow - this
is so typical this time of year when bowhunting begins for deer; dogs and
cats are shot all the time.on purpose, because how could one think that a
cat is a deer?  Could also be some stupid neighborhood kid practicing on
small animals! Ted Nugent, the creepy rock star macho moron bowhunter,
started his 3-yr old kid practicing bowhunting on small barn animals on his

Even when caught, these creeps get a mere slap on the wrist, if at all!

I believe in karma, but it's not soon enough for me - I hope they rot in
hell ASPA!



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We can only do our best everyday to help the victims without voices, either
humans or animals.  Kevorkian was arrested because it is against the law to
end lives.  Thanks goodness we can do what we can do, to end the suffering
of a companion that is truly suffering (pet).   I am a Christian and believe
in heaven and hell and Karma.  So, until we all die,  that person who puts
their pet down to travel the world or whatever, is a selfish person to begin
with and I am sure it is not the first time that they were disrespectful to
life.  They will have to be judged  and only the Lord will have that talk
with them at the end of their  life.  I live in Florida and just heard about
a cat in Riverview that was found (alive) with an arrow in its back!   They
are trying to find the person who did it.  Trust me, I am sure if it was a
little child or adult,  the FBI would be involved.  But because it was a
cat,  "they are doing their best". At the end of every day,  everything we
do a group has a major impact on saving our furry friends.  We can also
voice our opinion to the government to change laws.   God  Bless America.
Let's be positive here,  we are in America and have the opportunity to
change anything in our power as a group.  Look in the Middle East,  killing
everyday!   Thank you to all you Vet techs that try to intervene and help
out where you can. however,  you are right.. it is up to the VET to stand up
for the healthy animals that they put to sleep.  

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