You are correct, let’s get back on to the subject and help people that need to 
hear our experiences with this horrible disease. We need to get back on track 
and help people help their fur babies that they love so much. We know that it’s 
hard to find a vet that has the knowledge and is willing to help their patients 
without the first thought of putting them to sleep.  We need to keep getting 
the word out that there is hope for them. They can live long, happy, healthy 
lives. Please continue to share your stories and experiences of what meds have 
worked and what has not.  We are here for those precious cats that love us 
unconditionally.  They are better than humans.

Now back to the subject that matters most....helping others.

From: Elizabeth Malone 
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2012 10:38 PM
Subject: [Felvtalk] (no subject)

This list has always been so very helpful—now it is full of judgmental people 
that do nothing but bash those with different views. What is happening to this 
list? If people hunt they are evil. Like it or not many people all over the 
world hunt—they are all condemned because there are those that hate it. Then 
the list is now into politics. What happened to helping deliver information 
about feline leukemia? People that look in to get help see this and leave. It 
is heartbreaking that this is deteriorating away from what brought all to the 
list in the first place.

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