In the middle of our chit-chat about politics and hunters and vegetarian
 diets, if someone had come in with the subject line: Cat Bitten by 
Cobra, we would have been off the chatty stuff in an instant and onto 
Google to look up what could be done for the cat while the caregiver was
 taking him to the vet emergency clinic.  So if we wander around the 
hospital isles occasionally when everyone is asleep and babble a bit, 
don't worry.  We can switch in a moment.  I actually did switch when I 
saw how agonized you were and posted about vets treating FeLv cats 
differently from non-FeLv cats to get us back on topic. But occasionally
 on every specialized list I have been on there is a subject with OT 
listed and then it's either a funny article copied from a magazine or 
other online source or some cute pictures of cats doing
 silly things, or even a heated political discussion about who will be 
President and how it would effect our ability to financially keep our 
heads above water and still feed our rescues and take our cats to the 
vet when needed.  It really does tie into the FeLv+ cat group because we
 are very money intensive in trying to keep our rescued special needs 
cats as healthy as can be for as long as can be.  If I lose my Social 
Security and Medicare benefits or they are reduced, I would have to cut 
down on food for myself  and air conditioning in the summer and heat in 
the winter to pay my mortgage on this house that I bought to keep my 
cats safe from being seized by Animal Control in a city where there are 
cat limits.  Even though I still work and have an online job, I would be
 in dire straits.  So it is very important to my cats who I vote for.  
And since I live in a rural area, hunting becomes a problem for me 
also.  If the
 NRA controls the government, then my 3 outside cats and my peacock are 
in danger.  I actually hear gunshots sometimes in the daytime on 
weekends and it makes me tremble.

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