Costco's Kirkland is excellent.  Unfortunately, it just went up in price a 
dollar and fifty cents more to $18.99.  It was about $17.59 a couple of 
weeks ago but it's still the best deal around for 25 pounds of good 
quality cat food.  I began feeding it again to my inside rescues because they 
were losing weight after we moved out of San Antonio to Comal 
County to get away from the ACO's who were constantly giving me 
citations for too many cats.  Anyway, cats are not good with moving from a 
known to an unknown place.  Lots of stress, fur loss, weight loss, 
behavior problems.  I finally have it under control thanks to a friend 
who has her own 501 c 3 and is quite well known in the rescue community. I got 
several adoptions through her organization which culled the herd 
nicely. A couple of my older cats passed on from kidney failure, one from 
cancer (my oldest FIV+ cat who 
was about 13) and one from heart disease and a tumor.  I think it was 
all due to the stress of moving and being in a much smaller place. 
Anyway,  to straighten out the fur and weight problem, I bought Kirkland 
because it has the highest fat content of any of the dry foods.  
Several months and several bags of Kirkland later, one of my cats who 
was almost bald now has a really nice coat (long fur girl, house feral) 
and the scabs on her skin are gone.  She has put on at least a pound, if not 
two.  The other cats are gaining weight, all except one.  He needs a thyroid 
profile when I get some money.  But he's holding his own also.  Of course, my 
fat cats are getting fatter by the minute.  But on the 
whole, I'm very happy with Kirkland.  I also use Paws and Claws, which 
is the brand Tractor Supply feed store puts out. It's quite a bargain although 
not as fatty as Kirkland but costs $20 for 36 pounds.  I only 
use canned for the cat who has stomatitis.  Since Kirkland is smaller 
pellets than other cat food, he is able to eat it without trouble.  I 
have a membership at Costco through my animal rights organization.  
There are three of us who do cat rescue and we share the membership fee 
each year.  We are tax exempt,  which helps also with the price.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 
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