They also had q recall not to long ago. I don't remember what happened but I 
know somranimalsgot very sick, including a friend of mine's cats. But that can 
happen with any brand esp if they are buying ingredients from other suppliers.

Lee Evans <> wrote:

>Costco's Kirkland is excellent.  Unfortunately, it just went up in price a 
>dollar and fifty cents more to $18.99.  It was about $17.59 a couple of 
>weeks ago but it's still the best deal around for 25 pounds of good 
>quality cat food.  I began feeding it again to my inside rescues because they 
>were losing weight after we moved out of San Antonio to Comal 
>County to get away from the ACO's who were constantly giving me 
>citations for too many cats.  Anyway, cats are not good with moving from a 
>known to an unknown place.  Lots of stress, fur loss, weight loss, 
>behavior problems.  I finally have it under control thanks to a friend 
>who has her own 501 c 3 and is quite well known in the rescue community. I got 
>several adoptions through her organization which culled the herd 
>nicely. A couple of my older cats passed on from kidney failure, one from 
>cancer (my oldest FIV+ cat who 
>was about 13) and one from heart disease and a tumor.  I think it was 
>all due to the stress of moving and being in a much smaller place. 
>Anyway,  to straighten out the fur and weight problem, I bought Kirkland 
>because it has the highest fat content of any of the dry foods.  
>Several months and several bags of Kirkland later, one of my cats who 
>was almost bald now has a really nice coat (long fur girl, house feral) 
>and the scabs on her skin are gone.  She has put on at least a pound, if not 
>two.  The other cats are gaining weight, all except one.  He needs a thyroid 
>profile when I get some money.  But he's holding his own also.  Of course, my 
>fat cats are getting fatter by the minute.  But on the 
>whole, I'm very happy with Kirkland.  I also use Paws and Claws, which 
>is the brand Tractor Supply feed store puts out. It's quite a bargain although 
>not as fatty as Kirkland but costs $20 for 36 pounds.  I only 
>use canned for the cat who has stomatitis.  Since Kirkland is smaller 
>pellets than other cat food, he is able to eat it without trouble.  I 
>have a membership at Costco through my animal rights organization.  
>There are three of us who do cat rescue and we share the membership fee 
>each year.  We are tax exempt,  which helps also with the price.
>Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
>neighbors too!
>Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
>neighbors too!
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