I kinow this is late, but I have been dealing with my own leg and have not been 
keeping up on emails.  I know your loss, many times over.  I lost Nitnoy just a 
short time ago.  She was FELV positive so I knew it would happen, but even 
knowing does not take away the hurt when it happens.  I have cemetaries all 
over my yard in flower gardens.  You love them all and wait for the next one to 
come into your life.

---- Bonnie Hogue <ho...@sonic.net> wrote: 
> Little _Miya Chan_ died unexpectedly Friday morning.  Apparently she was in
> kidney failure, according to the Vet.  Didn't expect her to go so soon.
> Lovely brushed coat calico, rehabilitated feral who loved sleeping on the
> foot of my bed and would raise up her head and close her eyes when I bent to
> kiss the top of her head.  May she rest peacefully and pain free, and may we
> meet again.
> Your good thoughts, positive energy and prayers for Miya are appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Bonnie

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