I took in a litter of 4 FelV kittens last summer.  Two have already died
(PTS) due to severe anemia.  Two are left, and one seems just fine, but the
other had a severe URI which the vet cured about a month ago. However, he is
still pitifully thin and weak. He is not anemic, but he barely eats, and
is still a sick little guy.  I adore this cat. Where can I get LTCI or
orally dosed Interferon Alfa?  And  can anyone tell me if it helps.


BarnCats wrote:
>    The transfusion is to get the cat past a crisis.  To address the
>    underlying issues, you could try treating with LTCI which is
>    specifically for FELV+ cats.  Orally dosed Interferon alfa is another
>    excellent treatment for FELV+ cats, and cheap especially when you have
>    multiple FELV+ and/or FIV+ cats (compounded liquid, 60 day shelf life).

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