I have successfully used Propectalin to stop diarrhea in cats when there was no 
apparent cause (change of diet or some sort of parasite, bacteria). It's a 
paste. Comes in a tube and usually costs about $12. You put a 1" strip on your 
finger and swipe it into the cat's mouth. Be careful not to lose a finger. You 
do this two or three times a day for a couple of days or until you see that her 
stool is back to normal. It's sort of like Imodium for people.

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>Subject: [Felvtalk] Diarrhea
>Hello everyone,
>I'm sorry to bother you all, last night, a few minutes past midnight, Kitty 
>had diarrhea. She had it again at 4 this morning and again about 15min ago 
>Her feeding schedule has been, she ate her regular canned food with mixed 
>water at 9pm last night and again this morning at 5am, when fed her this 
>morning, I made sure to make to mix more water than usual with her food.
>There has been no changes to her diet in the past few days but she did go to 
>the vet on Wednesday and all her bloodwork came back without issues.
>At this time should I start her on a broth diet? Any specific items to 
>include? Vitamins? How long? should we take her to the vet?
>According to dr. Pitcairns book yogurt is also good after two days of broth, 
>is that a good idea?
>How about using slippery elm?
>Thanks a lot and I'm sorry to be a bother, 
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