Hi Gary,

            Have they been checked for Trichomonas foetus? That was the first 
thing that came to mind when I read your post. See if this might make sense;


            You might be able to stop the actual diarrhea with loperomide, but 
that's short term and won't eliminate the cause.

            Have they ever lived together? Have they been treated for parasites 
even if they don't show up in a fecal? Most worms/parasites only show 
intermittantly, so I always try a course of panacur for diarrhea that doesn't 

            I will think more about it :)



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>This really is not about FeLV+ cats.  I have 2 adult kitties with very bad, 
>long term diarrhea.  Both have no fever, no worms and no parasites. They 
>have both had antibiotics, endosorb, pumpkin, and one has had pro pectilin. 
>These kitties are not related and didn't live in the same place.  The vet 
>seems stumped and now has them both on metronidazole in case of  some type 
>of viral eneritis, they both got a steroid shot to reduce any inflammation. 
>There does not appear to be any improvement in either cat.  Any suggestion 
>would be very welcome.
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