Hi Laura,

               I'd involve the Vet. Take a stool sample if you don't want to take Pugsley himself,  and let the Vet see the consistency and mucous, and test for parasites. This doesn't sound like what I'd consider "normal" diarrhea. I know that sounds like a contradiction, but common causes (food issues, parasites, stress) don't usually present that way. Especially with a compromised cat, better to find the cause and resolve the underlying problem. If you do want to ask for an antibiotic, I'd suggest Clavamox rather than either flagyl or tylan, both of which can have significant side effects.

               Doing some searching about L-Lysine, I see a few entries about high doses causing "Digestive issues", But I've never had any problems with it. I don't use it much anymore, and use famciclovir when herpes raises it's ugly head, but every cat is an individual. Pugsley may not tolerate that level on L-Lysine. I think it's something else.

                I hope it either resolves quickly on it's own, or turns out to be something simple.

All the best,



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Hi everyone,

I joined the group early in the year when I adopted my sweet felv+ kitten, Dani (who turned a year on June 1st :) About three months ago I adopted another felv+ kitten around Dani's age, Pugsly (he looks just like a little pug--upturned nose and b ig round eyes.)

Pugsly has persistent herpes flare-ups but got that under control with upping his lysine to 500mg twice a day and he's been pretty much fine. Yesterday, though, I found vomit and diarrhea, which I was able to determine to be his. I noticed he didn't eat yeaterday or today with his usual gusto--it's usually gone in a nanosecond. His stool is pasty and jelly-like. There was a very faint pinkish hue to some of it yeaterday. He is still active but not his usual spazzy self. I started probiotic this morning and hope it will help.

He is not feverish and is hydrated. Dani is totally fine.

He also gets NuCat vitamins, two twice a day, and is on a grain free wet food only diet.

I was going to try some pumpkin in his food...I was wondering what other suggestions there are for treating the diarrhea. I also have slippery elm bark.

I know I can call my vet and get flagyl or tylan powder but wanted to reach out here first. I just hate giving antibiotics when it's not known if it's a bacterial cause.

Thanks for reading,

Laura, Dani and her bff Pugsly

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