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>Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 12:39:13 -0400
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>Thank u sooo much! I needed to heAr that. It's my first week intermingling 
>them. My other four fur kids were vaccinated a week ago. I'm scared.. But I 
>love him and don't want him alone in basement anymore. His constant diarrhea 
>worries me though. His stomatitis doesn't bother him much at all tho! I WUV MY 
>" BAMA RAMa" thank u all

        I'm obviously no expert on FeLV and the vaccinations, but I was under 
the impression that it took a series of two vaccinations three weeks apart to 
protect against FeLV. I know it is different for other viral diseases, eg, 
Panleukopenia vaccines can be protective for 7 years if one  vaccine is given 
as an adult (or after the maternal antibodies have faded, usually by 16 weeks). 
Still, it seems most instructions for the FeLV vaccines mandate an initial 
series of two, with the full effectiveness thought to be in force two weeks 
after the second vaccine.

        Can anyone point me to more current guidelines? 

Thank you all for your help. I know the final decision has to be mine, but I'm 
sure having trouble finding the information I need to make the right one(s).


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