You know, that may have been the Vulture's way of saying, "thanks," like
when our kitties bring us their kill, which really is an honor.  It's just
that creatures' tastes and ours are different!

Nice of your friend to help such a special critter!



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My friend, who is the director of a large feral cat advocacy organization
here was driving home one night from a meeting when she saw a vulture
fluttering by the side of the road, apparently hit by a car. She got out and
managed to get the injured bird into a cat carrier, then off she went to
Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, southwest Texas's most famous wildlife
rescue organization. Once there, the bird was determined to have a broken
wing. Before my friend left the office though, the kindly vulture
regurgitated all over her in gratitude. She said it was the most horrendous
stink she had ever smelled. She was covered with whatever dead thing the
bird had eaten for supper. She made it home in record time and threw herself
into a power shower but she could recall the odor for days after. They call
buzzards and vultures in Texas "The Road Crew" because they clean up what
careless motorists create.



Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
neighbors too!



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Enjoyed hearing about your turkey vulture..... Wow!
I used to do wildlife rehab and had two young red tailed hawks
who were brought to me when the tree their nest was in was cut down.
They ate an entire raw chicken every day!  My neighbor thought they
needed bird seed and brought me some :-)  She was old and meant well
I guess, but those hawks had no desire for bird seed!


On 04-21, wrote:

> Everyone in my area knows that if they find a sick or injured animal,
> bring it to Dorlis, the crazy cat lady.  I even rescued a juvenile turkey
> vulture last fall.  

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