>>Perhaps for this issue you should look for a vet who already gives the 
>>vaccine of your choice. Best of wishes to Gribble, the others and Velvet. 
>>I have a tripod who was originally run over in someone's driveway and left 
>>there to suffer and die. A neighbor of mine who was feeding outside cats saw 
>>her and took her home but did not have the money to have the leg amputated so 
>>she just put the poor cat in a cage. A few days later gangrene set in and the 
>>room where the cage was began to smell bad so the neighbor contacted me, 
>>asked me to handle the situation. I don't know why she didn't bring the cat 
>>to me in the first place but this woman was not really playing with a full 
>>deck, although she did care about the strays. Jolene, as I named her after 
>>her $700 dollar amputation, is still a feral cat but has been living the life 
>>of a pampered
> house cat with my other rescued felines for about 6 years. Three of my FeLv 
> cats turned negative after several months. Two others passed away after two 
> years. Most of my FIV+ cats are still alive after 8 years except those who 
> passed from old age or unrelated cancer. It's always difficult to lose a 
> furry friend.

    Thank you, yes, I am waiting for answers. I guess it's not a regular 
question, becuase all the practices have to "get back" to me.

    Appreciate the help,


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