Lee,  It's very encouraging that you've had three adults with FelV
throw off the virus. I've never been that fortunate, and having these
FelV cats and kittens with a death sentence is absolutely devastating
to me. I am the same as you said you were........ much too emotional.

As I may have written previously, the only "miracle" I had was with
a litter of 6 kittens who were all FelV pos. except for one.  I still
have Weegie (4 years old now, and he's been retested twice and never 
got the virus, while all his siblings died years ago.


On 04-23, Lee Evans wrote:
>    I had three FeLv+ cats throw it off. They all three were adults. Bunny
>    was the youngest. She tested positive when she was spayed at a shelter.
>    They would usually euthanize them but for some reason she slipped
>    through the cracks, I am pleased to say and the rescuer brought her to
>    me knowing that I would keep her or find a place for her if she did not
>    turn. But she turned. Right now she's annoying two other cats in my
>    computer room. She sleeps with me at night, and is a joyous cat. I
>    would like to find her another home though because I just have too many
>    and can't give her enough attention. My oldest cat, Moses threw it off
>    i about 7 years ago. Percy had both FeLv and FIV. He threw off the FeLv
>    and is now in my FIV room. I have a 5 months old FeLv+ kitten in foster
>    care trying to turn negative. I hope she does. Taco and Smooch, two
>    other FeLv+ cats who were brought to me as strays and tested positive
>    passed away in two years. But at least they had those two years extra
>    and weren't deprived of their short lives. I have chosen the wrong
>    calling though. I'm much too emotional to be able to cope with this.
>    Unfortunately I have no choice. I live from one emotional disaster to
>    another these days because my feline family is approaching the older
>    years.

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