Sounds just like the shelter I have selected - C&W Rustic Hollow.  I've visited 
it in the summer and winter.  A great place.


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The shelter I have selected does not keep them in cages, they have the run of 
1.  an old farmhouse complete with an outdoor enclosure they can go in and out 
at will. 2.  They have built a new house and outdoor enclosure.  They have 
furniture to sit and lie on and shelves on the walls.  My cats will be old by 
the time I pass and not many people want to adopt old cats.  I am sure they 
will be content to lay on a bed or the back of a chair in a sunny window.  I 
have only one concern, how will they adapt to the cats already there.  But if 
they follow the normal rules for introducing new cats to the household, I think 
there will be no problem.

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