We always need to prepare for the time when we will no longer be 
able to have our cats because of our illness or death, but I would
be concerned about your cats in a no kill shelter. Would they be
spending their remaining years in cages??

On 04-24, dlg...@windstream.net wrote:

> You may have to do like the no kill shelters all do, ask an amount to take
> care of their food and medical bills for the rest of their life.  I have a
> shelter picked out and have provided in my will for their care.  They have
> a formula worked out, number of years expected for them to live x set
> amount of money.  It is really not asking all that much considering you
> are asking them to give the cats the same care you have given them for the
> remainder of their lives.  I have had my babies too long to leave their
> future up in the air.

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