Watch the fridge, my guys have learned to open every door and drawer in the 
house.  Right now Harley is helping me on the computer since it is raining and 
he cannot go out.
 .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,/ signed Harley

---- "Amanda K. Payne" <> wrote: 
> Thanks again for the responses.  I'm not sure if my original reply has been
> posted yet or not.  Fortunately, Polli decided she liked food again late
> Thursday night and has regained her appetite somewhat. She's extremely thin
> now but is active and "assisting" me with cleaning and gardening.  She also
> realized I keep some of her snacks in the fridge and has started going to
> the fridge and meowing whenever she wants food.
> I realize that more than likely her life will be a short one.  She isn't
> the first FeLV+ cat that has found me and I doubt she'll be the last (they
> literally show up at my door or in my yard). However, I feel that as long
> as she's up and about, using her litter box, playing and drinking water, I
> owe it to her to try to get her to eat.
> -Amanda

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