Do cats with this have problems with their anal glands?

I'm sorry for your loss.

Chris C.

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I do know one thing, never trust a vet that says euthanize with no other alternatives. My vet is great, he tells you what could happen and then says it is up to you to keep them or not. My Annie is still going strong at 8 years (she was 4 when I got her). Nitnoy gave up her fight for life after I had her 2 years. It was not the FELV that killed her, but blocked anal glands. The ER vets missed that on sunday and I did not know until I took her to my vet on Monday. He checked her glands first thing, took care of them and I took her home to feed and love her. It was too late, She died purring as she kneaded my shoulder. You can believe that I drive the rest of my pride nuts checking their glands. That is one thing I will not be remiss on again. We learn as we go and each one of our babies teaches us something new. Maybe when it is my time to go, I will have learned all there is to know. In the meantime, I do my best, that is all I can do.
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Hi Amanda,

I'm sorry you're having this problem. First, I'd join Feline assisted feeding;

It is very omportant you address this immediately, to avoid liver problems.

You will probably have to learn to syringe feed, at least for a short time. Cats who stop eating (for whatever reason) can "forget" how. They need to be reminded. First, I'd ask your Vet for an appetite stimulant, I use cyproheptadine (Periactin) but Mirtazapine is also recommended. Buy a few cans of a/d, and a 10cc luer slip tip syringe. Hills a/d is a concentrated, pureed food that is meant to be syringe fed, and is easy to use. There are others like Clinicare, which is a liquid, but it's not readily available, and is really meant for tube feeding.

Please don't second guess yourself, it's worth trying. My FeLV boy, Gribble, was in very bad shape at one point, and not expected to live. I syringe fed him for about 2 weeks after he decided eating was not something he wanted to do. That was in April. Today he's playing tag with the dog (his best buddy) and generally making life interesting for the rest of the cats in the household.

You might want to check and see if the anemia has returned, that might be somewhere to start with treatment. Gribbs is on Interferon and DMG, but that's it right now.

All the best to you both,


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>Hello everyone!
>This is my first time using this forum :)
>I have a ten month old kitty, Polli, who was diagnosed with FeLV about >two months ago. At that time, she started licking the walls and our >potted plants in addition increasing lethargy. I took her to the vet >where she was diagnosed with severe anemia related to FeLV. We were told >we'd have to assist her to the rainbow bridge within days of the >diagnosis. Thankfully, she's a fighter and is still with us. However, >her appetite has been cause for worry. She's crazy about Temptations >Treats and deli ham (I know, not the most nutritious diet but I'm >thankful for anything she eats). The last two days, though, she won't >eat. I've offered her baby food, Tiki Cat, Ziwi's wet food, lunch meat, >tuna and her favorite treats but to no avail. I understand that the end >may be near but I want to give everything a shot before I make that call.
>So, my question is, what do you give your cat that they just can't say no >to? I'd love and appreciate any suggestions!
>Thank you,
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