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> I have very good results from syringe feeding Hills A/D to anorexic cats. I 
> saved the life of a cat with a corona virus using a combination of A/D and 
> blended Wellness Canned Food, stuffed with liquid vitamins and acidophiles. I 
> would sit her on my lap and feed about a quarter of the mixture 4 times a 
> day. This poor cat had come to my yard looking fairly good but soon went 
> downhill. She was pregnant but had a partial miscarriage in my yard. Then the 
> vet said that she was too weak and underweight to spay and was running a 
> fever. So he gave her something that would make her abort the rest of the 
> fetuses. It didn't but it almost killed her. I dragged her back and told them 
> to spay her because anything was better than what she was going through. Her 
> temp was two points above normal and she was groaning. They spayed her. 
> Amazingly she survived. They pumped her full of antibiotics and returned the 
> poor almost bald skeleton to me. I took her upstairs to a
>  flea-free isolation room, and began the two month protocol of syringe 
> feeding and flea combing her. At the end of the two months, she was eating on 
> her own, her fur was growing back and she was jumping in the air after a 
> ping-pong ball, her favorite game. She soon began to get chubby and after all 
> her fur grew back she looked like some type of calico breed. I sent a picture 
> of her to a woman who knows breeds and was told this cat was a Turkish Van. 
> She got adopted in 2005. I have had to syringe feed several cats, including 
> one with feline hepatic lipidosis. I usually put a towel on my lap, wear a 
> shirt that can be thrown into the wash afterwards. Then I place the cat on my 
> lap and go to with the syringe and food. I pet in between squirts and talk 
> softly and lovingly to them so they feel that they are having some quality 
> time also.Always have a box or tissue handy to wipe the mess off their mouth 
> after several squirts. This is not a neat situation and
>  cats don't like food running down their chin.

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>Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] What to feed a finicky, sick kitten?
>Hi Amanda,
>       I'm sorry you're having this problem. First, I'd join Feline assisted 
>       It is very omportant you address this immediately, to avoid liver 
>       You will probably have to learn to syringe feed, at least for a short 
>time. Cats who stop eating (for whatever reason) can "forget" how. They need 
>to be reminded. First, I'd ask your Vet for an appetite stimulant, I use 
>cyproheptadine (Periactin) but Mirtazapine is also recommended. Buy a few cans 
>of a/d, and a 10cc luer slip tip syringe. Hills a/d is a concentrated, pureed 
>food that is meant to be syringe fed, and is easy to use. There are others 
>like Clinicare, which is a liquid, but it's not readily available, and is 
>really meant for tube feeding.
>       Please don't second guess yourself, it's worth trying. My FeLV boy, 
>Gribble, was in very bad shape at one point, and not expected to live. I 
>syringe fed him for about 2 weeks after he decided eating was not something he 
>wanted to do. That was in April. Today he's playing tag with the dog (his best 
>buddy) and generally making life interesting for the rest of the cats in the 
>       You might want to check and see if the anemia has returned, that might 
>be somewhere to start with treatment. Gribbs is on Interferon and DMG, but 
>that's it right now. 
>All the best to you both,
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>>Subject: [Felvtalk] What to feed a finicky, sick kitten?
>>Hello everyone!
>>This is my first time using this forum :)
>>I have a ten month old kitty, Polli, who was diagnosed with FeLV about two 
>>months ago.  At that time, she started licking the walls and our potted 
>>plants in addition increasing lethargy.  I took her to the vet where she was 
>>diagnosed with severe anemia related to FeLV.  We were told we'd have to 
>>assist her to the rainbow bridge within days of the diagnosis.  Thankfully, 
>>she's a fighter and is still with us.  However, her appetite has been cause 
>>for worry.  She's crazy about Temptations Treats and deli ham (I know, not 
>>the most nutritious diet but I'm thankful for anything she eats).  The last 
>>two days, though, she won't eat.  I've offered her baby food, Tiki Cat, 
>>Ziwi's wet food, lunch meat, tuna and her favorite treats but to no avail.  I 
>>understand that the end may be near but I want to give everything a shot 
>>before I make that call.  
>>So, my question is, what do you give your cat that they just can't say no to? 
>>I'd love and appreciate any suggestions!
>>Thank you,
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