Hi Lance,

          Unless the script says something about an animal bite, I'd just go 
get the cheap tetanus shot. Even then, I doubt anyone will think twice about 
it, they're usually way too busy to care why you need it. Tetanus anti-toxin is 
given for so many things <G>.



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>Since we're on this subject, when I was at the doc's last night, he did ask me 
>about the bite. I told him that it had come from an indoor family cat, and 
>explained that she doesn't have any issues. He may have reported this, but I 
>haven't gotten a call. Yet.
>He wants me to get a tetanus shot. He said that the shot would be ~$85 at the 
>office, but $5 if given by the Health Department. I sprung for the $5 script, 
>but I'm now wondering if they're going to question me. I'd be willing to pay 
>the money to not have to deal with them, if there's concern that they'll 
>interrogate me or take Callie away.
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