When I was bitten by a cat, turned out to be a neighbor on next road, went to 
ER (did not think about what might happen) because blood spurting everywhere, 
they did not have Augmentin - it is too expensive to stock!  I swear, that is 
what the nurse told the doctor so he had me soak my hand in Betadne for an hour 
and then get the Augmentin at the pharmacy next day.  I had let it bleed so it 
would wash out bacteria and applied a pressure bandage.  In case that happens 
again, I had my doctor give me a script for Augmentin to keep on hand - just in 
case.  Since I rescue injured vultures, coons and others, she did not even 
question my reason, just gave it to me, especially after I told about the ER 
---- Lee Evans <moonsiste...@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> You would have to take a whole lot of Clavamox to make up the mgs. that you 
> would need. Augmentin is a much higher mg. dose than what is given to 
> cats.But then again, you could take as many pills to make up the difference 
> and you would not have to deal with a physician who might report you to the 
> Health Department and endanger your cat who simply had a bad fur day and bit 
> you.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>Hi Lorrie,
>        Yes, I know, my point was that I always have Clavamox (and other Abx) 
>on hand for the critters, so don't feel the need to keep the "human" form :). 
>Since I get most of my drugs by the bottle, I often find that what I'm giving 
>is actually labeled for human use.
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>>Margo, you are correct. Clavamox is the vet version of Augmentin
>>for humans.
>>On 06-05, Margo wrote:
>>> I keep Clavamox,  which of course is the Veterinary version of Augmentin.
>>> Just more convenient :)
>>> Margo
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