Hi. I have had experience with three FeLv+ cats turning to negative. You
 have to keep them for about 3 months, then retest with the SNAP non 
heartworm test. I had no idea that the three way test can cause a false 
positive. Anyway, have him retested with a fresh SNAP test and if it's 
negative, it's negative. I have three mixed in with my other cats and no
 problems so far. One has been there for six years and is getting old 
but that's the only problem he has experienced in his entire life after I
 took him in about 5 years ago. As for Interferon or any other major 
medication, if Leo is not having any symptoms, you don't have to stress 
him out with a whole lot of medication. The Lysine is a good preventive 
for several problems in cats so do give him that. There is a formula 
made just for cats. I tried dumping a 500mg capsule divided into their
 4 water bowls and the result was a boycott of the water. I tasted some 
of the lysine powder and it was awful, bitter. So much for an easy 

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