Sounds more like you should find the little tub a restaurant home. Yeah. I have 
several aggressive eaters in my feline family. I especially love when they 
suddenly get and itch while walking with me to the food and plunk their tubby 
rears down in front of me to dig a back foot into their ear, causing me to pull 
up with a screech or topple head over heels over them. My one-eyed boy with a 
meow like an automobile engine trying to start up with no anti-freeze on a 
subzero Winter day probably weighs in at 70 pounds. Well, maybe that's an 
exaggeration but when he sat down on my foot one day, it actually hurt. I 
thought a boulder had landed on my toes. I have a lot of sad cases to. Older 
cats losing weight, possibly from thyroid issues. Have to get them tested. 
Rampant stomatitis which is controlled by cortisone shots because I have no 
money or time to deal with more sophisticated methods that may or may not work. 
And trying to earn enough money to keep up
 with the mortgage because I'm not eligible for mortgage reduction on a mobile 
home, even if it is double-wide and guess what? You can't get a mortgage 
reduction if your credit is lousy because a mortgage reduction is actually 
refinancing. So welcome to the Twilight Zone where if you don't have money you 
can't have money and you won't have money ever again. The American Dream. Yeah.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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