Yep.  We loves 'em cuz they're there.  Hemi hisses at me when I come around
a corner too fast & startle her.  Princess eats and sleeps all day.  Will is
afraid of his shadow.  But as they are all "rehabilitated ferals" I figure,
Who Knows what trouble they've seen.  And I feel better seeing Hemi sleeping
in the shade in the yard, or Princess curled up in her bed on the couch, or
the lump of Will under the covers on my bed.  They may be crazy, but they
are safe and sound an provide good company and a few laughs!

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Hey Lee,  You gave me a much needed laugh this morning, with your cat names.
Among my crew is a "Fat Bastard" who has been with us for 8 years now. The
thanks I get for rescuing him is getting bitten when I try to even briefly
pet him.  He is a miserable cat who bolts his food and then shoves his fat
face in the other cats food bowls forcing them to run for their lives.  I
keep him because I'm too tender hearted to get rid of him, but oh how I'd
love to find him a nice barn home.


On 08-14, Lee Evans wrote:
>    You really have to decide why you are testing. If a cat is ill with the
>    Mystery Illness, of course you need to run some tests to pinpoint what
>    may be the cause of the illness. If you are adopting out, you probably
>    should do a combo test without the heartworm part which I learned from
>    this list can screw up the results of the other tests in the combo.
>    However, if the 4 kittens mentioned have tested negative, I don't see
>    any reason why not to adopt out. Because, and this is important to
>    remember, the person wanting the kitten or a couple of kittens will get
>    a couple of kittens from someone, somewhere and that person probably
>    won't test at all, just advertise "free to good home, healthy kittens".
>    As long as the test is not definitely positive, you can ethically adopt
>    out. I had an FIV+ cat who was not when I took him in. He was negative
>    but thin. I polished him up and fattened him up and took him for
>    adoption at the Humane Society here and they tossed him back to me as
>    FIV+. I retested and sure enough. He had been incubating it for the
>    months I had him fattening up and getting ready for his big day. Well,
>    I still have Lancelot, mixed in with my regular gang because that's how
>    he was when I took him home as a negative and he is still with me about
>    7 years later. Now, I know this is only FIV, not as serious as FeLv but
>    still. You can't predict the future as far as will the cat some day
>    turn positive for FeLv. You shouldn't spend much needed money testing
>    and re-testing to make all the planets line up correctly. My three
>    originally positive FeLv cats who turned negative are still with me. If
>    anyone had wanted the ugly mutts, I would have cheered and given them
>    away in a nanosecond. But no one wanted a dumb possum faced tabby or an
>    all black cat with a sort of snake like face or Percy who had an
>    attitude and lost the virus but not the attitude. Lest anyone try to
>    get on me for calling them ugly mutts, hey I call it like it is. That
>    doesn't mean I don't love them. I love ugly mutts the most. Even when
>    they are cats.
>    Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
>    neighbors too!

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