If a vet visit is necessary you might want to purchase At Ease. It's put out by 
Whisker City and can be purchased at PetsMart. WalMart also sells it. I usually 
spray the carrier about 15 minutes to a half hour before the cat has to be put 
inside. The spray is safe but it's better to let it dry a bit so the cat won't 
get it all over himself. it's a combination of herbs which is supposed to act 
like pheromones to relax the cat. It actually works. I was quite surprised. I 
had one howler who was louder than sirens all the way to the vet. When I 
finally was told about At Ease, I sprayed the carrier and the howling was down 
to a few meows and then he just gave up and sat for the ride.

Is Pugs a long hair Persian type? He may have groomed himself into a hairball. 
The part about throwing up would worry me. 

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>Thanks all for the suggestions.  At the shelter he was dewormed, but if the 
>stool is the same tomorrow I will take a sample to the vet to rule any 
>parasites out and go from there. Next step will be an actual visit. Hoping it 
>won't come to that as it stresses him out so much. 
>Will keep you posted,
>Laura, Dani & Pugs
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