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> I volunteer for a rescue in Rochester, NY and have also owned leukemia 
> positive cats (rescues) for years.  We were recently contacted by somebody 
> that adopted out a kitten from a litter of 5 that she found outdoors.  She 
> got a call from the adopters that the kitten tested positive and that the 
> people needed to bring him back.  She wanted help so we paid to have all 5 
> kittens tested this week.  All five are positive.  The foster is willing to 
> hold them for 30 days so we can retest them but she does not want to 
> euthanize (nor would we suggest that) and she can't keep them.  She has five 
> cats of her own and can't take another 5.  She would like us to try to find 
> adoptive homes for them.
> We have agreed to find homes for them if she will let us screen the homes and 
> do the adoptions through our rescue, Animal Service League.  We would love to 
> find homes for them with people that know this disease.  We have a black, a 
> blue cream, a gray and white, a calico and a tortie.  Pictures are available 
> if you email me.  We will determine sex and give them names soon.  We will 
> also retest them at 30 days or possibly do an IFA to make sure they are 
> positive if somebody wants them sooner and has other leuk positives.  We 
> wouldn't want to send them to a home with leukemia if there is any chance 
> they are going to fight it off but will all five positive, we suspect some or 
> all of them will remain positive.
> These kittens will not be free.  We will do all the vetting on them - 
> spays/neuters, microchipping, rabies, distemper, flea and parasite treatment, 
> etc., and will charge a $115 adoption fee.  We are a rescue and will not 
> adopt out animals that are not fully vetted and we don't do free adoptions.  
> We are aware that they may not live past a year or two but they still deserve 
> a loving, responsible home and proper veterinary care.  
> If anybody is interested in helping one of these little beauties, please let 
> us know.
> Amy Weygandt

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