There are some other places to list on Facebook, if you would like the
links.  One thing that struck me when I read your post was confusion on my
part as to what exactly you wanted.  It seemed to me reading it, and I may
be reading things into this, that you did not want the kittens to go to a
home with FELV+ cats in there already.   That, in addition to the adoption
fee, is going to make it *almost* impossible to ever find these kittens a
home (nothing is 100% impossible of course).  Also, once you adopt the
kitten out, you don't have control over what the adopters do later.  They
may bring in FELV+ cats later.  My heart kitty died of heart disease
brought on by a congenital defect.  I spent a lot of time holding her and
crying because she was going to die.  They are all going to die, we hope
after many years in a happy home.  I spent more time mourning her death
than I did celebrating her life.  This was  a grave mistake on my part.

On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 12:15 PM, Marsha <> wrote:

> Some adopters may make a donation to the organization they adopt a
> zero-fee cat from.  I did.  You might make a cat low or no fee, but say,
> "donations gratefully accepted".  If you list on PetFinder, consider adding
> FeLV+ to the heading, besides just listing them as "special needs".  Some
> people are looking specifically for a FeLV+ cat as a companion for one they
> already have, and not putting that in the heading forces those people to
> sift through every special needs listing to find the FeLV+ kitty.  I turned
> to PetFinder after having no luck locally finding a companion for Harley,
> and did a search by zip code.  I specified "up to 100 miles", and that's
> how I found Brock.  Actually, 113 miles away, but the search goes by zip
> code.
> There are also some listings here (up for adoption or looking to adopt
> FeLV, FIV, FIP +):
> classifieds/classifieds.cgi
> You can also get to that by the website.
> One other place to list is the PurringPixie yahoo group.
> Marsha
> (with Harley & Brock)
> On 11/14/2014 11:05 AM, Katherine K. wrote:
>> Amy,
>> I wish you the best of luck in placing these kittens. I had a litter of 4
>> positive kittens and tried very hard to find good homes for them, with no
>> luck, so they lived with me until they passed away, most before they were 1
>> year old. It was a very busy year, but they were a lovely little group and
>> it was nice seeing them stay together as a family for the time they had.
>> I have to agree with Kelley that a $115 adoption fee in reality is not
>> likely to help you get them placed in homes. In my experience, people just
>> don't want to adopt and get attached to, much less pay a fee for, a kitty
>> who will probably not live long. I was lucky enough to be working with a
>> larger rescue organization who covered their shots, spay/neuters and
>> testing expenses. I just provided the home, food, love and tears :)
>> I suggest making flyers with the best photos you can get, and make them
>> sound very friendly and loving. Play the sympathy card for all it's worth!
>> :)
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