Did she get leukemia as a kitten?  I have a 12 year old leuk positive but I 
didn't get him til he was three so not sure if he had it as a kitten or an 
adult.  I also just lost one of my leuk positives that was 12, also got her 
around 4 so not sure when she got leukemia.  Anybody that I had with leukemia 
as a kitten hasn't made it past 2 :(  I know any of them can defy the odds and 
I always tell people that but I will warn people that there may be heartbreak 
ahead.  I think it is only fair.  Never stopped me from helping these little 
ones though.  They are all so special.

We just had an entire litter convert at our rescue (which the vets and the 
specialists have told me is really unusual) so I'm hoping for the best for 
these little cuties.  So happy your Annie is doing well!!!

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---- Amy <awilkin...@yahoo.com> wrote: 
> I volunteer for a rescue in Rochester, NY and have also owned leukemia 
> positive cats (rescues) for years.  We were recently contacted by somebody 
> that adopted out a kitten from a litter of 5 that she found outdoors.  She 
> got a call from the adopters that the kitten tested positive and that the 
> people needed to bring him back.  She wanted help so we paid to have all 5 
> kittens tested this week.  All five are positive.  The foster is willing to 
> hold them for 30 days so we can retest them but she does not want to 
> euthanize (nor would we suggest that) and she can't keep them.  She has five 
> cats of her own and can't take another 5.  She would like us to try to find 
> adoptive homes for them.
> We have agreed to find homes for them if she will let us screen the homes and 
> do the adoptions through our rescue, Animal Service League.  We would love to 
> find homes for them with people that know this disease.  We have a black, a 
> blue cream, a gray and white, a calico and a tortie.  Pictures are available 
> if you email me.  We will determine sex and give them names soon.  We will 
> also retest them at 30 days or possibly do an IFA to make sure they are 
> positive if somebody wants them sooner and has other leuk positives.  We 
> wouldn't want to send them to a home with leukemia if there is any chance 
> they are going to fight it off but will all five positive, we suspect some or 
> all of them will remain positive.
> These kittens will not be free.  We will do all the vetting on them - 
> spays/neuters, microchipping, rabies, distemper, flea and parasite treatment, 
> etc., and will charge a $115 adoption fee.  We are a rescue and will not 
> adopt out animals that are not fully vetted and we don't do free adoptions.  
> We are aware that they may not live past a year or two but they still deserve 
> a loving, responsible home and proper veterinary care.  
> If anybody is interested in helping one of these little beauties, please let 
> us know.
> Amy Weygandt

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