Hi Pam – actually I agree that sometimes too much care is hard on our 
fur-babes. Sometimes when I look back at old pictures of Tigger, I see a “look” 
he had that I now realize might have been that he was sicker than I thought and 
maybe I should have given up sooner. I syringe fed him during his last 6 months 
when he would not eat on his own. Sometimes I think I tried too hard, but what 
I did was out of love for him, always believing we could beat his FeLV. And I 
know he loved us back, so if I overdid, I was forgiven I’m sure….Ardy



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Thank you Ardy.  I absolutely believe in supportive comfort care.  I pet sit 
and I have watched animals get so many treatments that they hide, cringe when 
you reach even to pet them.  etc.  I can't do that to my babies nor would I 
expect anyone else too.  Glad Topaz is doing well :-D. 


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