Hi dlgegg

I confess to not having had to deal with this yet in my cats. However, I did 
some research for you and see a few things that might be of interest to you.

First, the radioactive treatment should not have resulted in any nasal 
bleeding. I couldn’t find that commonly described as a side-effect of the 
treatment. Perhaps things have improved with the treatment since you last used 
it on your other cat, ten years ago, and you could maybe ask the vet about 
that. It is correct that there is a period where the cat has to remain at the 
vets, until the radioactive levels subside but that seems to be described as a 
week or so. This treatment is considered permanent, and would then not require 
ongoing medication.

However, one thing you might want to explore is getting CBD Oil and trying 
that. Certain strains are found to be very good for hyperthyroidism, and there 
are no side-effects. I am not sure which state you are in, and whether CBD Oil 
is legal in the state you are in. It should be as it contains no THC levels at 
all, but governments have been stupid and schizophrenic about such things. Look 
up “Medical Marijuana and Hyperthyroidism” and see what comes up. The articles 
you will see relate to use of CBD for hyperthyroidism in people, but you can 
get CBD Oil for animals as well.


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Hello everyoone,
I have a 12 year old former feral who was diagnosed with hyper thyroid 
yesterday.  Herm level is 4.7 and she is one meds, 2.5mg of Felimazole morning 
and evening.  I had one cat about 10 years ago that we did radioactive iodine.  
the isolation was very hard on her and she went downhill after she got home, 
bleeeding from nose, etc.  don't really want to repeat that.  Homey is 
especially bonded with me and has been my caregiver since my heart surgery.  
she has alerted me to one time of gasping for air in the night and 3 instances 
of low sugar.  she sleeps plastered to my chest and when she is on my lap, 
holds on to me .  I am very attached to her and do not want to loose her so am 
hoping meds work.
my question is:  does anyone know of alternative or better ways of treating 
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