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> Hello everyone,I have a 12 year old former feral who was diagnosed
> with hyper thyroid yesterday.  Herm level is 4.7 and she is on
> meds, 2.5mg of Felimazole morning and evening. I had one cat about
> 10 years ago that we did radioactive iodine.  the isolation was
> very hard on her and she went downhill after she got home,
> bleeding from nose, etc.  don't really want to repeat that.  Homey
> is especially bonded with me and has been my caregiver since my
> heart surgery.  she has alerted me to one time of gasping for air
> in the night and 3 instances of low sugar.  she sleeps plastered to
> my chest and when she is on my lap, holds on to me .  I am very
> attached to her and do not want to loose her so am hoping meds
> work.  my question is: does anyone know of alternative or better
> ways of treating this?

I really feel for you as one of my rescued cats has Hyperthyroid. 
All my cats are rescues, and when I rescue a full grown cat I have 
no idea of it's age. This little girl is at least 14 and most likely
much older according to vet. I've had her ten years, and she is down
to 5 pounds at her last vet visit a month ago. She is taking 2.5mg of
Felimazole morning and evening just like your cat. but she has not
gained an ounce in spite of eating well. Now she is refusing food and
vomiting (just cloudy liquid) and I'm sure she is going to die soon. 
I know she is too old for radioactive iodine and my vet said there
was no other treatment.

My thoughts go out to you. I am 86 and not in good health. I lost
my husband of 43 years just 3 months ago, as well as losing two other
old cats. It is was heart breaking to lose all of them.
I send you a hug,


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