Has Nori been tested for mycoplasma? That can cause a sometimes fatal anemia 
and is treated (usually) with doxycycline.


Also, some members of the FIV-Healthscience discussion group are having very 
good luck with the broad antiviral RetroMad1 (RM1), from Malaysia, for their 
FeLV cats.  If you want a few contacts to discuss this drug with, let me know 
and I’ll pass them along.



Best regards,


- Lorraine


"Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no 
one can imagine."  - Alan Turing 


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Hi, Amani!


Nori got another transfusion last night, hematocrit was 11.9 before it. 


Today morning, i talk to the hospital's veterinarian, she said hematocrit went 
to 29 and Nori was fine, all normal parameters and eating by herself again. 


But plasma was intensely icteric. I think this means red cells being destroyed, 
isn't it?


About one hour ago, veterinarian said Nori was with low temperature and heart 
rate slightly lower than normal. She was waiting the new blood work. In the 
morning, it was done only hematocrit, not complete blood work.


i am worried again.


Thank you,




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